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Go ahead, dream about, research & plan for those exotic trips with staycay. In the meantime, explore a local staycation.

We made it FUN too, with a few distractions for you:

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Crypto Cash Back

After your hotel/resort stay or activity, we'll reward you with either Bitcoin or USDC stablecoin! 8% of the hotel base price or 6% of the activity base price. Crypto, it's the future of money - get some!

And no worries - we'll hold your hand through the process

Discover & Plan

Sightseeing, acivities, excursions, hiking, dining, bars, events, linked articles - tons of relevant content. High level & detailed.

In the Moment

nearby is your friend. Find places down the street or near a landmark.

Just for Fun

Jokes, trivia, latest viral content, "surprise me", recipes, cocktails ... when you need a distraction!


Nice to get details about parts of the city & history. Felt somewhat knowledgeable before arriving.

Patty K

Found and booked a Seattle Segway Tour via "Tours & Excursions". First time Segway-ing. Loved it.

Billy M

Pretty cool, I took a break from research and just started chatting with the bot. It cracked me up a few times, especially the "Surprise Me" stuff!

Andrew F

Uploading my coordinates (while at hotel) in Portland, gave me some great 'nearby' options. Actually pretty useful, like my own Concierge.